What is Human-Edited Machine Translation?



Bridging the language barrier can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor for many small and medium-sized businesses. While there have been significant advances in machine translation, the inclusion of a human touch is essential to ensure high-quality translations. That is why English into Dutch blends the efficiency of machine translation with the expertise of skilled human editors through its Human-Edited Machine Translation service offering.

The Human in Human-Edited Machine Translation

So, what exactly is human-edited machine translation, and why do we use the term ‘human-edited’ instead of the more commonly used ‘post-editing machine translation’?

Human-edited machine translation is a dynamic process that combines the speed and automation of machine translation with the expertise and creativity of a skilled human editor. Unlike traditional ‘post-editing,’ which might imply a passive correction process, our human editors actively engage with the content. This iterative approach fosters a true collaboration between human intelligence and artificial intelligence, elevating the machine translation quality to new heights.

We stress the importance of the ‘human’ aspect on the translation process because:

The 4 Steps of The Human-Edited Machine Translation Process

By embracing human-edited machine translation, we merge the capabilities of AI-driven MT technology with the unmatched skill and intuition of our human editors. The result is translations that elevate your brand’s voice, connecting you with your global audience on a profound level.

Let’s take a closer look at the four stages of the human-edited machine translation process to see what they entail:

  1. Submission of Files: The journey begins when you submit your files for translation. We handle a wide range of document types in various file formats, from marketing materials and technical documents to websites and business documents.
  1. Pre-Editing: The objective of machine translation pre-editing is to enhance the accuracy and quality of the machine translation output. This is achieved by having human editors make minor adjustments to the source text before it undergoes translation by a translation engine.
  1. Machine Translation: Once we receive your files, our cutting-edge Machine Translation (MT) technology swings into action. This advanced AI-driven system rapidly generates an initial translation, providing us with a quick draft translation, laying the foundation for the subsequent phases.
  1. Review and Editing by Human Editor: This is where the true magic happens! The machine-generated translation is handed over to a human editor to review and edit the machine-generated translation. The human editor goes beyond mere ‘post-editing’ and actively engages with the content. They review and refine the translation, taking into account context and cultural nuances, ensuring precise meaning and accuracy, and resulting in a translation that speaks to your target audience.

Human-Edited Dutch Machine Translation

English into Dutch is a translation service provider specialized in the Dutch language. Our human-edited Dutch machine translation service seamlessly blends the speed and efficiency of machine translation with the expertise and finesse of skilled human editors. By harnessing the power of both AI-driven MT-technology and human intelligence, we deliver high-quality translations, ensuring that your message remains clear, impactful, and culturally sensitive. Experience the difference that the human touch can make in translation efficiency. Contact us today and embrace the future of translation with the power of human-edited machine translation.